Day 1 - 24 November 2020


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Influencer & Social Media – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

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Social Commerce: Leveraging Consumer Shopping Habits on Social Channels

  • A look at conversational commerce
  • Implementing an effective social commerce strategy
  • Exploring demographics on social to ensure effective targeting
  • Utilizing user-generated content
  • Tracking ROI on Social Ads
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Track Sponsor Keynote – Clientscape

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Panel: Connecting with your Audience: Exploring Analytics & Social Listening Strategies

  • Understanding the strengths and uses of social media listening and analytics.
  • Reviewing the importance of using both listening and analytics in measuring campaign performance and planning a social media strategy.
  • Exploring real-time examples of how insights help spot emerging trends & delivering messaging that connect with customers
  • Why actionable insights support customer targeting & long-term customer relationships
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Morning Networking Break


Best Practices for Brands: Macro and Micro Influencer Campaigns

  • Which social channels are used to target your audience and to build brand awareness
  • How the brand works with macro and micro-influencers within their marketing strategies
  • Appeal to the right audiences by choosing influencers based on their interests, and demographics
  • How personas determine the selection of the influencer
  • Best practices for Macro- and Micro-Influencer campaigns
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Panel Discussion: Netbase

Session outline coming soon

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Harnessing the Power of Digital Communities on Social

  • The importance of building an engaged community and the opportunities it creates
  • Letting your fans speak for your brand
  • Why engage & invest with niche customer community for customer loyalty
  • Opening the authentic content & brand influencers
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Lunch & Networking Break


Influencer & Social Sponsor Afternoon Presentation

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Panel: Evolution of Social Media Strategy in 2020

  • Going back to basics – brands creating connections and experiences to enhance engagement
  • How to be truly Authentic across social channels
  • Utilizing Social Shopping to enable convenience and purchase funnels
  • Why communities are the secret weapon for 2020
  • Creating engaging stories to enhance the brand experience
  • The evolution in influencer marketing & how brands are working with influencers
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Afternoon Networking Break


Sprout Social Keynote

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A Connected Social Experience with Data Driven Storytelling

  • Social data can drive more impactful content
  • Social Listening – Understanding the real-time data
  • How to use social data to create smarter campaigns to connect with your audience
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#DMWF Partner Panel

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Networking Drinks


End of Day One at DMWF Europe