Day 2 - 26 November 2019

eCommerce, UX & CX


Oisin Lunny

Professor for UX Driven Business

Barcelona Technology School

Associated Talks:

09:20AM - Day 2

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08:50AM - Day 1

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eCommerce, UX & CX – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

. Oisin Lunny, Professor for UX Driven Business , Barcelona Technology School
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Putting Customer-Centricity First – Defining your CX Strategy

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Panel: Improve your Marketing ROI with Omni-channel CX Strategies

  • The importance of brands delivering a unique customer experience within their Omni-channels
  • Why customer experience is beyond the online channels
  • Why insights will support interactive experiences for customers
  • How to support an integrated experience across multi-channels
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Morning Sponsor Presentation 4 – Day 2

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Speed Networking & Break


Understanding the DNA of your Customers and their Journeys

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Lunchtime Sponsor Presentation 5 – Day 2

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Launching New Products and Transforming your CX Strategy

  • Top tips of bringing a new product to life in the market
  • How to build a new experience for customers and employees
  • How to drive engaging experiences with customers
  • Transforming the perception of your brand with new products
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Lunch Break


Afternoon Sponsor Presentation 6 – Day 2

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Panel: Customers Loyalty: How to Improve Retention with Personalization & Digital Experiences

  • What is a great DX and how does that support customer loyalty?
  • How can the latest data-driven technologies help to support customer loyalty with targeting & personalisation?
  • Why should brands look at being agile & customer-centric whilst utilising all resources and insights
  • How can dynamic content across search support customer loyalty?
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How to Drive your Customer to Buy: UX Strategies to Support Sales

  • Conversational design & using chatbots to customize the user experience
  • Prioritizing Content in design
  • Enhancing personalization  for improved site experiences
  • Collaboration with UX & Marketing teams
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End of Conference