Day 1 - 25 November 2019

Content & Digital Brand Strategy


Content & Digital Brand Strategy – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

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Keeping on Brand: Streamling your Digital Strategy

  • How to create a consistent message across your digital channels
  • Creating a multi-channel customer experience
  • Placing budget in your brand experience
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Morning Sponsor Presentation 4 – Day 1

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Kaman Chan

EMEA Product Lead, Mobile Web


Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 1

View Panel: Video and Ephemeral Content – How Brands should Effectively Storytell in a Crowded Environment

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Panel: Video and Ephemeral Content – How Brands should Effectively Storytell in a Crowded Environment

  • Exploring the rise of Snapchat/Instagram ephemeral content – storytelling in 10s or less
  • The dominance of video across social platforms
  • Targeting your audience on platforms they already exist
  • Looking to the future – how effective storytelling will generate ROI
. Kaman Chan, EMEA Product Lead, Mobile Web, Google
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Morning Sponsor Presentation 5 – Day 1

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Speed Networking & Break


Video Marketing is here to stay: Capitalising on Live, Short & Long Lived Content

  • The value of video of marketing
  • Creating interactive experience through video
  • Integrating across your omnichannel experience
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Lunchtime Sponsor Presentation 5- Day 1

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Lunch Break


Panel: Customer Engagement Strategies with Content Marketing & New Technologies

  • Exploring content types; video, news, blogs and innovative ways of interaction
  • Why a Mobile First Approach?
  • How to gain trust through Content Marketing?
  • The Impact of AI assistants and customer interaction with content
  • The future of  customer engagement with the rise of voice-controlled Search
  • The consumer shift – what are the expectations & purchasing habits with new technologies – AR, VR & AI
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Networking Break


Afternoon Sponsor Presentation 11 – Day 1

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Sade Laja

Content Strategist

Associated Talks:

04:30PM - Day 1

View Panel: Keeping Content King

11:45AM - Day 1

View Beyond Page Views: An Effective Content Strategy

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Panel: Keeping Content King

  • Discerning consumers; Conveying authenticity and transparency
  • The importance of creating omnichannel & multimedia campaigns
  • Is video the future of content?
. Sade Laja, Content Strategist,
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Owning your Brands Digital Experience

  • Creating an End-To-End Customer Experience
  • Tactics for creating a solid customer engagement strategy
  • Leveraging employees for positive customer experience
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Networking Drinks