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In this half-day hands-on masterclass, you’ll spend time understanding what it means to develop clear goals by breaking down objectives into achievable sub-projects and ensuring each task counts for success towards those overall objectives. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to truly define your vision and values, and focus areas and how to break down objectives into projects and tasks that support your vision. We will answer questions like: What is a good KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to measure for your growing business/department? How do you measure alignment across the team and key stakeholders to increase growth success? How do you track your progress by developing valuable insight from your data?


Please download the workbooks to your laptop to complete during the masterclass—access resources in advance here. https://www.movingforwardsmallbusiness.com/dmwf-amsterdam/


Benefits of Attending Masterclass:

  • Higher Productivity – You’ll learn how to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively so you can do more in less time, giving you more time for yourself, your family, and all the other things you’re passionate about.
  • Better Results – You’ll get straightforward, practical guidance to boost your company’s performance across the board.
  • More Success – You’ll learn how to keep your key stakeholders happy and on board, which will lead to a better team, better revenue, and higher satisfaction across the board.

Associated Speakers:

Jimmy Newson


Jimmy Newson Consulting | Moving Forward Small Business

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