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The Covid pandemic caused a snowball of direct & indirect slipstream effects changing the digital marketing space for good. Practices that originated in ‘digital environments’ are earning their place in the way business is run.

This sped-up evolution of consumer behavior and technology has massively influenced aspects like: product offering, client satisfaction and creative experiences. With data as the glue that binds and drives the entire marketing ecosystem. At the same time, it’s (real) people who are driving these systems, causing a change in skillsets, moving to automation and interpretation.

The rules of the Digital Marketing game have been changed. What’s more, our current situation has created a maelstrom of contradictory forces it activated in Digital Marketing. Chief among them: Everything-E/E-commerce versus Privacy & Human interaction versus AI/machine learning.

Associated Speakers:

Joris Garritsen

Executive Director Transformation & Digital

MediaCom NL

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02:30PM - Day 1

View Leadership tactics in digital transformation

09:30AM - Day 2

View The new world of digital environments

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