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Chances are high that covids effect on the world, will give organizations the desire to change their own operations in a digital manner. When Joris got confronted with my first Digital Transformation client-question, he started how he always did: educating himself with available publications. The result was disappointing. There just was not that much practical guidance available. Even more important, what he read did not resonate with what he encountered in practice. Materials where full of misconceptions. New areas of business practices frequently find these misconceptions in them. Time simply hasn’t had the chance to correct them through experience.  During this session, Joris will touch upon his initial discovery phase. It contains five important transformation misconceptions he has seen through advising companies about the subject. Hopefully, they will help you.

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Joris Garritsen

Executive Director Transformation & Digital

MediaCom NL

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02:30PM - Day 1

View Leadership tactics in digital transformation

09:30AM - Day 2

View The new world of digital environments

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