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The need for digital content has never been greater while budget and resources to produce it have shrunk. More than ever, marketers are looking at technology tools to help create, manage, deliver, and scale enterprise content.

In order for the content to be effective, it needs to drive the right action from the right audience. This requires great precision to target and engage audiences along the customer journey, providing a better and more valuable customer experience.

The right balance between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and -very human- Storytelling principles helps companies create a winning strategy to connect with their audiences by creating the content they crave

Associated Speakers:

Romulo Rejon

Head of Content Marketing Strategy


Associated Talks:

09:00AM - Day 1

View How to combine Artificial Intelligence and Human Emotion to create content at scale that connects with the audience

02:15PM - Day 2

View Content Marketing Masterclass – Get Ready for the Year Ahead

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