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  • As brands strive to resonate in a world that values diversity and inclusion, navigating the complex landscape of inclusive communication has become a daunting challenge. The demand for genuine representation and inclusion have put brands at a crossroads. It’s no longer enough to simply communicate; the communication must be authentic, inclusive, and aligned with the diverse voices of the global audience. This session aims to address the critical need for brands to develop a sustainable and strategic approach to inclusive communication.

    Participants will delve into

    • Understanding the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in brand communication and the pitfalls of failing to address these elements correctly.
    • Identifying and overcoming the challenges brands face in navigating ‘woke’ culture and inclusion in their communication efforts.
    • Developing an awareness of conscious and unconscious biases that can influence brand messaging and learning strategies to mitigate these biases.
    • Gaining insights into the core principles of inclusive communication and how they can be authentically integrated into brand strategies.
    • Exploring frameworks and practical tools that facilitate the implementation of inclusive communication in a way that is both genuine and resonant with diverse audiences.

    This session is crafted for communication professionals, brand managers, and marketers who are looking to navigate the complexities of inclusion in communication. It will equip participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to integrate inclusive communication into their work in a way that is sustainable, authentic, and reflective of the diverse spectrum of human experience.

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Taha Riani

Managing Partner


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05:10PM - Day 1

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