With +15 years of experience in digital channels, digital marketing, and transformation, Ozgur is an agile business leader who leads the Digital Banking and Transformation division at Credit Europe Bank N.V., a global organization with headquarters in Amsterdam and a presence in 7 countries.


Ozgur has successfully launched innovative mobile and online banking platforms for retail and corporate customers, utilizing his leadership skills and collaborating closely with C-level executives. He has also led the creation of a new brand identity for the bank, enhancing its reputation and visibility in the market. Combining his background in digital marketing, CRM and analytics, Ozgur has implemented initiatives that have resulted in significant business growth and elevated customer satisfaction throughout his career.


Ozgur holds an MBA degree and a Data Science Certificate, providing him with a solid foundation in business and data-driven decision making. His knowledge on digital banking, digital transformation, and growth strategies allows him to provide valuable insights and practical expertise in these areas. Ozgur is passionate about delivering customer-centric solutions that leverage the latest technologies and trends in the digital banking industry