With more than 20 years of experience as a Linguist and Content Manager, Mary Garefalaki holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam. A decade after moving to the Netherlands for her studies, Mary is still following her passion for languages and is advocating the production of great content, as well as the need for better translation processes.

Prior to this, Mary had completed her studies in English Language & Translation at the University of Athens and gained some professional experience as a language tutor and translator. Since then, she has worked in various fields, including the publishing, translation, digital marketing and travel industries. Her most recent professional experience focused mainly on content management and digital marketing, overseeing all production related to copywriting, editing, SEO and translation/localization for a great variety of clients and partners.

In her current role as Head of Content Production at Orange Business, Mary is managing the content production needed to sustain communication programs, campaigns & events, within the Global Marketing & Innovation department. Her team – consisting of French and English content managers based in Amsterdam, Paris and London – is also responsible for measuring the content quality and performance, while contributing actively to the overall marketing strategy and making sure that the content creation is aligned with the marcom plan and the needs of the brand in different countries.

Her experience in multinational environments, working with talented people from different backgrounds, has taught her to value teamwork and to always seek efficient and innovative ways to achieve the best results.