Mark Howard is the Head of Digital and E-commerce at Tony’s Chocolonely, where he leads the company’s digital & ecommerce strategy across a wide range of channels, including marketplaces and the company’s own webshop. With a strong emphasis on personalization,

With over a decade of experience in the digital realm, Mark began his career in digital marketing, specializing in performance marketing and customer acquisition. In 2016, he joined Unilever as part of the Digital Marketing Accelerator – The Unilever Foundry – before transitioning into e-commerce. During his tenure at Unilever, he held several key positions, including designing the product portfolio to meet e-commerce demands and launching direct-to-consumer propositions. Notably, Mark successfully launched and scaled the Unilever Professional brand, a B2B initiative, online across five key markets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Tony’s Chocolonely, Mark’s pioneering approach focuses on keeping the brand ahead of the curve in the online space. His efforts are dedicated to building the right team and implementing cutting-edge technology to sustain and enhance the company’s rapid growth.