Karlijn Arts serves as Policy and Sustainability Lead for SkyNRG- making sure that the social and environmental sustainability of their fuels can be guaranteed and that a solid policy framework is mobilized to accelerate the development of the industry. Motivated to push the aviation industry to a greener tomorrow, she joined SkyNRG to accelerate this hard-to-abate sector four years ago. She has a background in the laws of war, international politics, conflict resolution and psychology, which enabled her to gain a thorough understanding of the complexity of reaching a net zero future in a sector which operates across many borders. She is an expert in renewable energy policies, carbon accounting methodologies, sustainability certification and feedstock assessments. She moderates their internal Sustainability Board, the Dutch Aviation Table on Sustainable Fuels and is closely involved with SkyNRG’s NGO network. Next to her activities at SkyNRG she is the co-founder of a renewable energy start-up and two foundations.