With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, communications, and brand, Julita Davies is a senior business strategist with a strong academic background and extensive experience in digital marketing strategy, project management, branding and communication. Her expertise lies in driving large-scale complex digital activities, process improvements, and team transformations in an international environment.


As the current role as Performance Director at Philips, Julita Davies excels in building and managing capability building programs, collaborating with the Communications and Brand Leadership Team to enhance team members’ skills and knowledge, and creating and executing engagement plans while tracking metrics and KPIs to measure team performance. Her strong foundation in project management ensures efficient execution and communication with stakeholders, providing leadership support to improve departmental operations and foster team cohesion.


Julita’s wealth of experience and demonstrated expertise make her a valuable resource in driving change, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and empowering teams to achieve their full potential. As a professional speaker and presenter, she shares her insights and passion for performance excellence, inspiring individuals and teams to reach new heights of success.