Irv has been helping people, businesses and brands to realise their full potential for over 25years. He is a creative strategy consultant to brands and agencies and a non-exec director at a number of UK businesses. Ian has built and sold a number of agencies from the ground up, creating brand, proposition, market strategy and driving new business.

He is a Non-Exec and Consultant to Socialgram a leading UK based social Attention agency.

At Socialgram we focus on consumer attention. Helping brands reach their customers inefficient, meaningful and emerging ways.

What matters to us, is you, the client. Not fancy awards, buzzwords and trips to Cannes!

We believe that creativity is the true variable in great marketing. It’s the message, not the medium. Our team focuses on giving our clients the very best value for their budget and delivering marketing through a deep understanding of consumer attention, cultural trends and emerging technology.

We are not romantic about channels or platforms, nor are we ‘digital’ over ‘traditional’. We are marketers who aim to create the best results based on the latest marketing landscape.