Francesco D’Orazio is a researcher, product strategist and entrepreneur specialized in online audiences and Internet culture.

He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pulsar, an award-winning audience intelligence platform that helps brands and organisations make data-inspired decisions, in step with their audience. He holds a PhD in immersive media and the evolution of online audiences and has been working in the field of big data, AI and audience research for over a decade, advising a range of global organisations, includingThe United Nations, World Health Organization, Meta, Twitter, and Google.

Prior to Pulsar, Francesco was Research Director at innovation consultancy Face where he specialized in co-creation programs designed to involve audiences in the creation of brands and products, and Director of the Visual Social Media Lab, an industry-academia think tank specialized in studying the impact of social media images on society and culture.

He’s a regular speaker at research, innovation and technology conferences such as SXSW, Strata, DMWF, The Next Web, International Journalism Festival, TEDx, TMRE, IIEXand others.

His work on virality, fandoms, social influence, public opinion and misinformation has been featured in the likes of BBC, Guardian, CNN, Forbes,The Independent, Daily Mail, Mashable, Gigaom and Business Insider.