Dimos is currently a Product Manager at PepsiCo eCommerce. He has been a part of other innovative corporations like Adidas, Robert Bosch, PVH corporation, SONY and is passionate about eCommerce.

Originally an electrical & computer engineer, he quickly became interested in business and decided to shift his focus with the verge between engineering and marketing being marketing analytics. Began a career in Belgium, after Greece. Post some years he moved to the Netherlands where his career shaped further into eCommerce leading businesses.

Currently based in the UK, his focus are Products that deliver value & insights to the end-user. Some of his interviews have been featured on MarTech today, TechTarget as well as has been speaking in other major events such as the DMWF, the IMH Digital, Reshape by Insider.

Feel free to reach out to him and discuss all things Digital, eCommerce & great marketing