Alicia is an enthusiastic and dynamic influencer manager with a wealth of experience in social media and digital marketing across both B2B and B2C sectors. With a focus on the German and Austrian markets, she has showcased her expertise in crafting and executing various digital marketing campaigns – from JD seasonal campaigns to 3rd party brand campaigns featuring iconic names like Nike and Adidas. Her expertise extends to influencer campaigns and artist collaborations with key figures in the field.


Beyond the digital sphere, Alicia specializes in managing and growing social media channels, implementing effective growth strategies across diverse platforms.


Motivated by a true passion for fashion, sports, music, and staying at the forefront of evolving trends, Alicia finds joy in the creative process of content creation and values genuine connections with people. These passions and past experiences have profoundly influenced her approach to influencer and social media marketing, enabling the crafting of authentic and captivating campaigns that resonate with a diverse array of audiences.