Imagine you are a large company, with lots of departments, offices, different systems and maybe even offices abroad with employees using other languages. You have a simple wish: All employees should communicate according to branding standards, but also flawless in the language they use and with a maximum of impact by using language that is attractive for the desired target audience.

How do you accomplish this? Educating all employees from the various departments in their own language is costly and people tend to forget the learnings quickly. Some elements aren’t even possible to be learned by humans, like gender bias writing and writing trustworthy.

This is why Textmetrics is developed. To make sure that everybody in your organization writes in a consistent and compliant way, according to the company guidelines and department-specific rules, the organization can centrally activate and adjust the right rule sets (algorithms).

Furthermore, departments can add specific rules that are important to them e.g SEO, B1 language level and forbidden words. With Textmetrics these rules and guidelines can be used directly in the systems that your organization uses to create content. This could be Microsoft Word, Outlook, Google docs, Sitecore, EpiServer or any other system. While writing, the algorithms assess what people write and the augmented assistant will help them when they divert from corporate standards or target audience wording. Constantly making the right impression.