Stand No: 90

SmartyAds DSP is an innovative global omnichannel programmatic advertising solution designed for media-buyers who strive to create highly-personalized user experiences and connect with customers at every touchpoint of their journey. Cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, AI, and ML at the core of SmartyAds DSP help to process hundreds of millions impressions on a daily basis.
Advanced programmatic algorithms enable advertisers, brands, and agencies to access a tremendous pool of global premium publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges in real-time. SmartyAds regularly integrates authoritative strategic partners and embraces advertising formats like connected TV, push ads, visual, audio, and playable interactive units in order to empower the brands with new advertising opportunities.
SmartyAds DSP is a flagship product that completes award-winning full-stack programmatic infrastructure developed by SmartyAds. Over 8+ years company has been creating platforms that successfully streamline media-trading, data management, acquisition, and building of independent, enterprise-level programmatic solutions.