Post For Rent

We are building a data & experience-driven network by integrating all existing Influencer Marketing services into one global ECOSYSTEM.

We have been around since the early days of Influencer Marketing with a strong vision to create an AI and data-oriented ‘all-in-one’ solution in the form of an advanced, automated Influencer Marketing software catering to all industry needs.

Throughout the years our software and other in-house services have always been tailored to the needs of the best Influencer Marketing professionals. Our softwares and services enhance the productivity of any account team along with the ROI of their campaigns.

By 2022 we can proudly say that Post For Rent is a powerful 360-degree, diverse Influencer Marketing focused group, with its own tech assets, a full-service agency department, MCN, and a Talent Management powerhouse with exclusive network partners in Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, and GCC.