Stand No: 22

PlayPlay is the video creation platform that enables marketing and communication teams to turn their messages into memorable videos. Whether you need to promote an event, share company news, or boost talent acquisition, video is the most impactful way to do it. Yes, video not only gets your message across, but also ensures it’s understood – and therefore remembered. Everyone in an organization should have this power, even those without technical skills.

With a simple-to-use platform that guarantees high-quality video output, PlayPlay is the solution for companies that want to make their communication more impactful. Moreover, PlayPlay empowers teams to create videos end to end, collaboratively and efficiently. And they can even have fun doing it.

That’s why 2000+ large and mid-sized companies across 15 countries already use PlayPlay to get closer to their communities, be it customers, employees, or partners. One unforgettable video at a time.