Stand No: 16

In a 24*7 connected world, accessing the huge student marketplace is a key customer sector for many companies, but how do you ensure that student offers and discounts are targeted correctly?

InAcademia provides real-time, secure validation of student affiliation, so e-retailers and service providers can validate eligibility for special offers on their sites cost-effectively while preserving user privacy.

InAcademia leverages the authentication technologies of European education institutions, via eduGAIN, to provide real-time verification for over 17,000,000 students across Europe without the need for students to have to create new accounts or register their information with third parties.


InAcademia has been developed by GÉANT – the pan-European  research and education network provider. We develop, deliver and promote advanced networks and associated e-infrastructure services. We support open innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing amongst our members, partners and the wider research and education networking community.​

GÉANT is co-funded by the European Union