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IMA is a full service influencer marketing agency founded in 2010 by Maddie Raedts and Emilie Tabor.

Together with a team of 85 digital experts, the agency is at the forefront of realising and harnessing the power of international bloggers and influencers. In 2016, Anneke Schogt joined the management team to support founders Maddie and Emilie in achieving international growth for the agency.

In the past few years, the Amsterdam-based agency has built up its reputation as an expert in the growing industry of influencer marketing. IMA helps leading, international brands, including Diesel, NIVEA, Tommy Hilfiger and Samsung, activate the right target audience through the development of tailored strategies and campaigns. This is made possible through the use of the authority and power of the best and most diverse influencers.

The total network of IMA consists of over 35,000 bloggers, vloggers, creatives and social media influencers. All together, this network has a worldwide reach of more than 10 billion consumers, divided over a number of different industries including fashion, retail, consumer electronics, automotive, travel, beauty and lifestyle niches.

The agency houses its network in the IMA Platform, a unique tool developed in-house that helps optimise day-to-day processes as well as provide clients with live campaign data. The platform allows for the optimisation of selection, reporting and measurement processes. Unlike many agencies or networks that only provide the influencer matching, IMA develops strategies and executes them on an international level across multiple markets simultaneously. The agency has the in-house assets necessary to execute full campaign production, from video projects, to offline events, to web platform development and more.

IMA is the largest European influencer marketing agency.

IMA’s founders, Maddie and Emilie, were honoured by Forbes in the 2017 Media 30 under 30 list, which represents Europe’s leading young change makers and innovators.