Stand No: 19

HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization tabletop device that creates upto 5 times better engagement than a flat screen, to attract attention of users for marketing promotions, branding, educational and interactive user experiences. It is targeted towards small and medium scale industry.

HOLOFIL can be used as a mixed reality device, where one of the main features is the combination of physical and virtual content in the device. Product promotions can be done by placing a physical product inside the device and mapping the virtual content around, so that it creates an everlasting branding experience on the viewers mind.

The product is designed with affordability and portability as its main focus. It has a growing list of international clients in the areas of retail, museums, scientific, and software consultancy companies. Different sized models are being launched to suit different customer needs. The future focus is more on the interactive experiences for the viewers.

HOLOFIL’s vision is to make 3D visualizations pervasive around us and bring a shift from 2D to 3D media around us. If you are a brand trying to improve your retail impression using innovative ways, HOLOFIL can help you achieve that further.

For more details please check our website ​www.holofil.com and contact us at contact@holofil.com