Stand No: 14

Today, merchants are struggling to turn shoppers into buyers. CartUp AI is an AI-first and fully automated solution to delight shoppers and maximize revenues. Our mission is to empower millions of merchants with the power of technology that the likes of Amazon and Walmart have.

Arvind Rapaka was working with retailers on exactly this problem for a couple of years when he met Jeroen Hendriks. Together they decided to solve this problem by building a SaaS product for all retailers in the world. In July 2021 the SaaS product – based on the technology that Arvind had developed in working with clients for the previous years. was ready for market, and the company was founded. We found our launching customer in, a leading high street toys brand in the Netherlands, and we took off. A year later, we have 10 customers, small and large, a healthy pipeline, and a very exciting journey ahead of us.