• Adello

    Stand 30

    Adello, a leading Swiss/US AdTech company, leverages patented real-time analytics for cookieless mobile marketing ROI. Global market research agency ...read more

  • Amplify Analytix

    Stand 36

    Amplify Analytix is a specialized data science consulting company, founded by industry veterans (with 20+ years at the likes ...read more

  • Audio Network

    Stand 34

    Audio Network is a music publishing company with over 200,000 tracks from world-renowned composers and emerging artists in all ...read more

  • Brame

    Stand 17

    We empower brands to emotionally interact with their community! ...read more

  • Brandwatch

    Stand 24

    Brandwatch is the world’s pioneering digital consumer intelligence suite, helping over 2,000 of the world’s most admired brands and ...read more

  • Clicks Talent

    Stand 48

    Clicks Talent is the top Influencer Marketing Agency in the world. We specialize in TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and ...read more

  • Closer Music

    Stand 50

    ...read more

  • CoreMedia

    Stand 18

    CoreMedia is a global leader in Content Management Systems (CMS), Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Lead Activation solutions.  With ...read more

  • CreatorIQ

    Stand 60

    CreatorIQ is the engine powering impactful creator marketing for the world’s most innovative and iconic brands. Together we’ll raise ...read more

  • Devox

    Stand 8

    Devox Software is a tech solutions company that specializes in the advanced integration of AI technologies and custom solutions ...read more

  • Holofil

    Stand 33

    HOLOFIL tabletop 3D projection displays capture attention and boost engagement to do product marketing, event marketing, education and training. ...read more

  • Humanz

    Stand 41

    Humanz is an AI-powered platform that makes influencer marketing accessible, reliable and trustworthy for marketers and influencers. The solution ...read more

  • Junbi

    Stand 1

    Junbi is an all-in-one creative insights platform for YouTube ads. Based on the insights of thousands of prior studies ...read more

  • Kalicube

    Stand 42

    Kalicube is a digital marketing agency and groundbreaking software company that helps business leaders future-proof their digital search strategy ...read more

  • Lead Forensics

    Stand 14

    98% of your website visitors don’t inquire, we show you who they are. Lead Forensics is the market leading ...read more

  • Leafcloud

    Stand 6

    Leafcloud: A truly green public cloud. We’re carbon-negative, super multicloud friendly, ISO and SOC certified, GDPR compliant, and (a ...read more

  • Linkster

    Stand 38

    Linkster is the operating system for your influencer marketing. Data driven, scalable and loved by industry leaders. It´s perfectly ...read more

  • Mobilexpense

    Stand 35

    Mobilexpense is committed to simplifying expense management for large multinationals and mid-sized companies as well as their employees. We ...read more

  • Playoffnations

    Stand 28

    Playoffnations is a disruptive advertising and marketing agency. We craft the ultimate fusion of technology, gamification, and creativity, harnessing the ...read more

  • Pulsar

    Stand 37

    Pulsar is the leading AI-powered audience intelligence platform, combining conversational and behavioral signals from the world’s leading digital destinations ...read more

  • RockCorps

    Stand 40

    RockCorps Bio: RockCorps partners with brands to create world class concerts that create massive social impact. Using music and culture, ...read more

  • Samy Alliance

    Stand 49

    SAMY Alliance is a global ecosystem of specialized and integrated marketing and communications solutions founded on understanding the voice ...read more

  • SeekandHit

    Stand 59

    Founded in 2007, SeekandHit is a technology company with a global footprint, dedicated to leading innovation in the tech/marketing ...read more

  • Seoteam.io

    Stand 58

    SEO Team is a leading link-building agency that has helped countless businesses achieve online success by ranking them organically ...read more

  • Similarweb

    Stand 25

    We power businesses with the best digital data. Our mission is to create the most accurate, comprehensive, and actionable ...read more

  • Skylum | Luminar Neo

    Stand 11

    Skylum is a global imaging technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the world of photo editing and creative tools. Its ...read more

  • SocialVoice.ai

    Stand 38

    SocialVoice.ai gives you 100% confidence within minutes that an influencer is brand safe with our ‘Influencer Integrity Report’. Don’t ...read more

  • Tailify

    Stand 32

    Tailify exists to advance the science of influence. We are built on the premise that data only tell you ...read more

  • Tailpage

    Stand 7

    Automate local SEO & SEA landing pages for boosted brand awareness, rankings, traffic, lower ad costs, and higher conversions. ...read more

  • ThatWare

    Stand 12

    Enhancing SEO with Artificial Intelligence ...read more

  • The Cirqle

    Stand 54

    The Cirqle is a performance marketing platform that operates at the nexus of commerce and influence, leveraging cutting-edge artificial ...read more

  • The Data Agency

    Stand 5

    From insights to activation: connecting you with smart audiences to drive success. The Data Agency is your partner in ...read more

  • TikTok

    Stand 53

    TikTok is the leading short-form video platform where realness is celebrated and trends are born. A place where brands ...read more


    Stand 13

    WP SEO AI is a company dedicated to helping businesses boost their organic traffic. With our advanced AI technology, ...read more


    Stand 23

    WYSPR turns consumers into nano-influencers for user generated content at scale. Your consumers are your biggest fans, turn them ...read more

  • Wuzzon

    Stand 57

    Founded in 2007, Wuzzon has grown to be the number one App Growth Agency in the Benelux and beyond. ...read more

  • Zoomd

    Stand 31

    Zoomd- Zoomd is a publicly traded (TSXV:ZOMD, OTC:ZMDTF) global powerhouse for performance marketing, that has been providing innovative solutions ...read more


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