Related Digital

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Related Digital offers personalisation and marketing automation solutions for data-driven omnichannel marketing. One-to-one consumer relationships powered by all in one platform to drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value, grow audience, and boost performance for the world’s leading companies. With more than 16 years of experience in marketing technologies and services, we have become one of the few companies that can offer


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Apifonica is a cloud-based communication platform that allows companies to connect with customers around the world via voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook & Telegram messengers, in any combination. Apifonica provides a powerful voice and text communication system dissolved into basic components (think Lego blocks), available via API. By combining this components, companies can quickly build the exact solution they need and easily integrate


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Dzinga is a web-based communication platform that enables businesses to connect with customers via phone, web, and multi-channel messaging through a single unified interface. Dzinga features cloud PBX, web widgets for lead generation, private and group messaging on SMS and social channels, and a team collaboration toolkit. Businesses across the EU leverage Dzinga to engage their customers, capture more sales leads and


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Kompass is a global data editor at the service of B2B companies. We provide our customers an international B2B marketing database in more than 67 countries. Kompass provides 3 business units: information solutions, digital marketing, services and consulting. With Kompass you can target the right company and the right decision-maker at the right time. Kompass offers a smart connector between the buyer

Lab Cave

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Lab Cave has achieved more than 200 million organic downloads with its own titles and provides ASO, Publishing and Ad Mediation services for mobile Apps and games. Part of Fibonad Group, the largest Spanish digital advertising group offering Branding, Performance and Publishing services.

Crimson Hexagon

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Crimson Hexagon allows businesses to answer strategic business questions using flexible, customizable categories. Whether you want to look at consumer trends, purchase intent, product attributes, drivers of sentiment, competitors, or category-level conversations, our social media analytics platform can help. Best of all, with Crimson’s social media analytics tool you pay only for insights – not data.


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Shutterstock, Inc., directly and through its group subsidiaries, is a leading global provider of high-quality licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations, videos and music to businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations around the world. Working with its growing community of over 350,000 contributors, Shutterstock adds hundreds of thousands of images each week, and currently has more than 180 million images and more than 9


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OneTrust is a leading privacy management software platform used by more than 2,000 organisations globally to comply with data privacy regulations across jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR. Powered by deep privacy research, our comprehensive and integrated platform includes readiness assessments, privacy impact assessments (PIA/DPIA), data mapping automation, website scanning and cookie compliance, subject rights and consent management, incident reporting, and vendor risk management.


Stand 31

Optimizely is the world’s leader in digital experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its best in class experimentation software platform. By replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely enables product and marketing professionals to accelerate innovation, lower the risk of new features, and drive up the return on investment from


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A leading innovator in the field of data analytics, Graphika provides clients with powerful solutions to discover invaluable insights into on-line interest based communities that matter most to them. Those insights enable companies to create and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns. An integral part of Graphika’s solution set evolves around the complex and pervasive role played by disinformation campaigns on social media

Making Waves

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Making Waves Krakow is a digital technology partner, a cross between a creative software house, a digital agency and content writing business. In short, we craft dedicated digital consumer-centric products and platforms with an emphasis on design, user experience and software quality. We cover web, mobile, desktop applications as well as full omnichannel ecosystems for e-commerce. On top of it we also provide


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Segmentify is a personalization platform for ecommerce businesses that is powered by machine-learning technology. Segmentify’s vision is to create a better online shopping experience by personalizing it for each visitor, thus increasing online sales for ecommerce businesses. This is achieved through three different solutions: Personalized Product Recommendations Personalized Emails Real-time Conversion Analytics Personalized product recommendations make it more convenient for online shoppers


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Statista Content Marketing & Information Design is a creative hub working with companies worldwide to present content, market data and insights in a more “snackable” way. Being part of Statista – one of the largest statistic and market data platforms worldwide – provides us with access to 22,500 sources in order to work on a broad range of data visualisation topics. Through


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Influencer marketing, your to-do list It is impossible to surf the web without being confronted with all the suggestions on adding the influencer marketing discipline to your marketing mix. Influencers are here to stay and brands are moving in fast to stay ahead! Although many companies are exploring and experimenting fiercely, there is little hands-on information to guide marketeers throughout this process.


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SmartFrame technology allows brands and content owners to enhance the functionality of the images they publish. We convert standard image formats into a live streamed file, meaning images can be tracked, measured, monetised and updated instantly – giving you the power to use you’re images as a distribution channel for product information, advertising and promotional campaigns.


Stand 32

IMA is a full service influencer marketing agency founded in 2010 by Maddie Raedts and Emilie Tabor. Together with a team of 85 digital experts, the agency is at the forefront of realising and harnessing the power of international bloggers and influencers. In 2016, Anneke Schogt joined the management team to support founders Maddie and Emilie in achieving international growth for the


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Buyapowa is the leading omnichannel Refer a Friend platform and powers customer get customer marketing for leading brands and retailers like River Island, Desigual, Boohoo, Zalando, L’Occitane, Space NK, Lyko, Vodafone, O2, Expedia, Travelex and The AA etc. The technology allows brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and then motivate and reward them for bringing them new customers. It plugs

Social Seeder

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Release the power of your ambassadors Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to inspire people, start conversations and experience new things. It has always been that way, but now we made it digital. Social Seeder is an all-in-one ambassador marketing software that gives your ambassadors a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing your stories across their social networks.


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Neurofied is an applied neuromarketing agency for eCommerce. Your growth follows your ability to persuade consumers to engage. And we are passionate about persuasion. Anyone who studies this topic will quickly see that most influences are invisible. At least, they seem invisible… until you start to learn how the brain works. We teach people and organisations how they can apply insights from


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Love your readers with Turtl Engage and convert your audience with modern content experiences created, published and analysed on our cloud-based software. Turtl provides an end-to-end software platform for serving the right content at the right time to the right people. Say goodbye to boring content, low-resolution insights and misdirected effort and start delivering a sustainable content marketing strategy.


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Consent.io develops a platform allowing anybody to express conscious, GDPR compliment sentiment towards any topic, both through online and physical world triggers. Leading to better understanding between individuals and organizations based on exchange of data, leading to real-time alerts, analytics and insights


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HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization tabletop device that creates upto 5 times better engagement than a flat screen, to attract attention of users for marketing promotions, branding, educational and interactive user experiences. It is targeted towards small and medium scale industry. HOLOFIL can be used as a mixed reality device, where one of the main features is the combination of physical and


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More than 85% of innovations in retail are no longer on the shelf after three years. Considering all the money spent on R&D, marketing, and strategy development, it is obvious that there is a lot of waste in this process. Two of the key pain points in the development process that contribute to this high failure rate is that the time to

Twitter Counter

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Twitter Counter is the leading site for Twitter analytics and growth management. It provides Social Media Analytics online tools, within the larger “Marketing Technology” space, that helps its customers achieve their Twitter Marketing goals.


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Roader: World’s first Time Machine Video Camera Capture unexpected moments by recording video back in time and share your experiences instantly, go to www.roader.com and see for yourself


Bisnode is a leading European Data & Analytics company, with operations in 18 countries and 2,100 employees. Bisnode helps companies find and manage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. We do this by pioneering Smart Data to enable our customers to make Smart Decisions. It means that we can match and analyze our customers data with our data and the data that


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Flowbox helps brands leverage customer photos and video from social media throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales. Flowbox is a thoughtful marketing technology company that provides a tool which streamlines your marketing and commerce work. The product is a SaaS platform that enable brands to use social content to grow engagement, drive revenue and sell more effectively

Startup Amsterdam

Stand 21

StartupAmsterdam  is a public private initiative with a role to showcase Amsterdam’s startup community, the overarching startup ecosystem and the initiatives that facilitate connection. We promote and accelerate opportunities for everyone: startups, scaleups, local and international talent, corporates, investors, accelerators, co-working spaces and fellow startup cities. Your ultimate guide into Amsterdam’s buzzing startup scene.


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Flockler is a content marketing platform used by brands such as Intel, Expedia and Penguin Books. Flockler brings your customers, fans and followers to one social hub where you can publish editorial content, alongside social media feeds and curated pieces from around the web. Collate social content manually or set up rules to publish automatically based on hashtag or username. Flockler platform analyses


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WATConsult, which is currently in its 10 year, is now a part of Dentsu Aegis Network and is headquartered in Mumbai with branch offices in Delhi and Bangalore. It has received more than 100 awards and recognitions in the field of social media marketing. These include the prestigious global DMA echo in San Diego, ‘The most progressive digital agency award’ at CMO