Related Digital

Stand 18

Related Digital offers personalisation and marketing automation solutions for data-driven omnichannel marketing. One-to-one consumer relationships powered by all in


Stand 29

Apifonica is a cloud-based communication platform that allows companies to connect with customers around the world via voice, SMS,


Stand 28

Dzinga is a web-based communication platform that enables businesses to connect with customers via phone, web, and multi-channel messaging


Stand 25

Kompass is a global data editor at the service of B2B companies. We provide our customers an international B2B

Lab Cave

Stand 1

Lab Cave has achieved more than 200 million organic downloads with its own titles and provides ASO, Publishing and


Stand 17

Statista Content Marketing & Information Design is a creative hub working with companies worldwide to present content, market data


Stand 6

SmartFrame technology allows brands and content owners to enhance the functionality of the images they publish. We convert standard


Stand 32

IMA is a full service influencer marketing agency founded in 2010 by Maddie Raedts and Emilie Tabor. Together with


Stand 3

Buyapowa is the leading omnichannel Refer a Friend platform and powers customer get customer marketing for leading brands and


Stand 30

Neurofied is an applied neuromarketing agency for eCommerce. Your growth follows your ability to persuade consumers to engage. And


Stand 9

Consent.io develops a platform allowing anybody to express conscious, GDPR compliment sentiment towards any topic, both through online and physical


Stand 19

HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization tabletop device that creates upto 5 times better engagement than a flat screen, to


Stand 27

More than 85% of innovations in retail are no longer on the shelf after three years. Considering all the

Twitter Counter

Stand 26

Twitter Counter is the leading site for Twitter analytics and growth management. It provides Social Media Analytics online tools,


Stand 20

Roader: World’s first Time Machine Video Camera Capture unexpected moments by recording video back in time and share your experiences instantly, go


Stand 10

Flowbox helps brands leverage customer photos and video from social media throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social

Startup Amsterdam

Stand 21

StartupAmsterdam  is a public private initiative with a role to showcase Amsterdam’s startup community, the overarching startup ecosystem and