• Wunderkind

    Stand 36

    Wunderkind is a leading performance marketing engine that delivers tailored experiences at scale. Digital businesses use Wunderkind to remember ...read more

  • LEAP

    Stand 19

    LEAP (Loveurope and Partners) is an independent creative production agency based in London. For over 30 years we have ...read more

  • Gigapay

    Stand 21

    Gigapay helps businesses operating in the creator economy streamline high-frequency payouts to short-term workers anywhere in the world. Our ...read more

  • Smelter

    Stand 45

    Smelter is an AI-based brand media intelligence & competitor analysis solution. We provide social media listening tool to help brands ...read more

  • TikTok

    Stand 63

    TikTok is the leading short-form video platform where realness is celebrated and trends are born. A place where brands ...read more

  • Post For Rent


    We are building a data & experience-driven network by integrating all existing Influencer Marketing services into one global ECOSYSTEM. ...read more

  • Hello World Company

    Stand 32

    HWC helps companies pursue digital transformation, such as e-commerce development, digital marketing and social media management, as well as ...read more

  • Decentriq

    Stand 68

    We are the neutral ground for secure data collaboration. Our SaaS data clean rooms enable companies around the globe ...read more

  • Partoo

    Stand 67

    Partoo helps local establishments to get closer to their clients using digital technology. Our mission is based on 3 ...read more

  • PlayPlay

    Stand 22

    PlayPlay is the video creation platform that enables marketing and communication teams to turn their messages into memorable videos. ...read more

  • Enhencer

    Stand 46

    Enhencer is an ad-tech SaaS product that predicts purchasing appetite of e-commerce website visitors using their first-party cookie data. ...read more

  • Usercentrics

    Stand 44

    Usercentrics is a global market leader in the field of Consent Management Platforms (CMP). We enable businesses to collect, ...read more

  • OneTrust

    Stand 43

    As society redefines risk and opportunity, OneTrust empowers tomorrow’s leaders to succeed through trust and impact with the Trust ...read more

  • WARC

    Stand 22

    For over 35 years WARC has been powering the marketing segment by providing rigorous and unbiased evidence, expertise and ...read more

  • ProductsUp

    Stand 33

    Productsup frees brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces from commerce anarchy. The Productsup product-to-consumer (P2C) platform processes over two ...read more

  • Brame

    Stand 34

    We empower brands to emotionally interact with their community! ...read more

  • ThatWare

    Stand 62

    Enhancing SEO with Artificial Intelligence ...read more

  • Blastic

    Stand 29

    Blastic builds and improves solid and future proof digital platforms that are linked to the necessary online marketing tools ...read more

  • Mondu

    Stand 24

    Mondu is changing the B2B payments ecosystem. The Berlin-based fintech enables merchants and marketplaces to offer their business customers ...read more

  • Foleon

    Stand 31

    Foleon is a content creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive content that is 100% ...read more

  • Canto

    Stand 35

    Nobody makes it easier to collect, manage and share digital content from anywhere. A leader in digital asset management, ...read more

  • Clicks Talent

    Stand 50

    Clicks Talent is the top Influencer Marketing Agency in the world. We specialize in TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and ...read more

  • NetBase Quid

    Stand 20

    NetBase Quid is the next generation consumer and market intelligence platform, delivering contextual insights to reveal business trends, connect ...read more

  • Pulsar

    Stand 37

    Pulsar is the leading AI-powered audience intelligence platform, combining conversational and behavioral signals from the world’s leading digital destinations ...read more

  • TheFutures.io

    Stand 41

    TheFutures.io helps you produce and repurpose all your creative content on-demand. Save hours of work and reduce your content production ...read more

  • Connective3

    Stand 53

    Connective3 is a digital marketing agency, and we create market leaders. We do this through the application of SEO, ...read more

  • Refreshworks

    Stand 47

    With its headquarters in The Hague, Refreshworks is a full-service growth production agency comprised of multidisciplinary teams that use ...read more

  • Evolv AI

    Stand 18

    Evolv AI helps companies maximize profitability with Intelligent Digital Experiences. Our AI-driven platform continuously evaluates all possible personalized experiences across ...read more

  • Pitchy

    Stand 49

    Pitchy is the first online video editor dedicated to organisations that puts video creation within the reach of everyone. ...read more

  • MG Empower

    Stand 48

    MG Empower is a global influencer marketing agency that empowers brands to go #AboveAndBeyond. We help brands grow their businesses, ...read more


    Stand 42

    Our IROIN® Influencer Marketing Suite empowers your work with influencers. Since workflows are becoming increasingly complex, we focus on ...read more

  • Unless

    Stand 38

    With the recent shift in economic conditions, companies everywhere are looking for ways to improve their product without adding ...read more


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